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My latest home page is at https://drerichsu.github.io/drerichsu-homepage/. I am not updating this page as of Jan 15 2023.


I'm leaving this up as a snapshot of an older page. 

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Eric Hsu / Professor and Chair, Mathematics Department

Director, Center for Science and Math Education

San Francisco State University / Science 211

1600 Holloway Avenue / San Francisco, CA 94132


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Erdos-Bacon Number

Every now and then someone asks what my Erdos number is, and more rarely, what my Bacon number is. You can decide for yourself if my numbers are well-defined, as I use math education papers to calculate Erdos number and TV to calculate Bacon number. (Calculations done May 2010.)


My Erdos Number is 4: I coauthored with Diane Resek. / Diane Resek coauthored with Léon Henkin MR0366659 (51 #2906) /  Léon Henkin coauthored with Alfred Tarski MR0124250 (23 #A1564) / Alfred Tarski coauthored with Paul Erdös1 MR0008249 (4,269b). 


My Bacon Number is 3: When I was in the 7th grade, I was a regular member of a large kid panel on a TV show called Livewire hosted by Fred Newman. Fred Newman (I) was in Men in Black (1997) with Steve Rankin. Steve Rankin was in Trapped (2002) with Kevin Bacon.


Thus my Erdos-Bacon Number is 7.

My Black Sabbath Number is 17: Black Sabbath had member Neil Murray / Neil Murray was a member of Colosseum II / Colosseum II had member Gary Moore / Gary Moore was a member of BBM / BBM had member Ginger Baker / Ginger Baker was a member of Masters of Reality / Masters of Reality had member Victor Indrizzo / Victor Indrizzo was a member of Samiam / Samiam had member Tré Cool / Tré Cool was a member of Green Day / Green Day had member Billie Joe Armstrong / Billie Joe Armstrong was a member of Pinhead Gunpowder / Pinhead Gunpowder had member Aaron Cometbus / Aaron Cometbus was a member of Harbinger / Harbinger had member Robert Eggplant / Robert Eggplant was a member of the Hope Bombs / The Hope Bombs had member Eric Hsu.


So my Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number is 24.