Coursework Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in having SFSU evaluate your mathematics coursework. 


If you want to have your existing undergraduate coursework evaluated for fulfilling math competency equivalent to a single-subject waiver program, please follow these steps:


1. If you are (1) a current SFSU student or (2) applying for the SFSU credential program, there is no fee.


Otherwise, there is an evaluation fee of $100 that should be paid by sending a check payable to SFSU, to


Transcript Evaluation

Mathematics Department

1600 Holloway Ave

SF, CA  94132


Write "transcript evaluation" in the check comment field.


2. E-mail the following documents to statmath@sfsu.edu:

  1.  Download the form Coursework List, and fill out a proposed course by course equivalence between your coursework and the 45-unit SFSU waiver program.  For course details visit http://math.sfsu.edu/syllabi.php. We; are allowed to use some judgment, so please list separately at the end any other math courses you've passed that have no precise SFSU equivalent.
  2.  Provide an electronic copy of a unofficial transcript with final grades for the courses you list.
  3.  Provide official course descriptions for any non-SFSU courses you list.  A web link to an official university course description site is sufficient, if it tells us what was actually covered in the courses taken.  

3. If everything is in order, I will email you a signed form. This may be enough documentation for your purposes. If you want an official letter, you will need to contact our credential office and they may charge a small fee for a certificate ($25 as of June 2010).


We hope to finish evaluations in a timely way, but it may take up to a month or longer from receipt of your materials and evaluation fee.  You can email erichsu@sfsu.edu with further questions.