Getting a Math Education Job in a Mathematics Department

Notes from Eric Hsu’s 2000-2001 Job Search


(2014-4-14). I think some of this is a bit out of date, e.g. the stuff about Priority Mail envelopes, but I think this may still be helpful. Random people still tell me they are reading it. I am amazed this is the top hit on google for "math education job", and we know Google is never wrong.

(2016-7-30) I've written a sequel to this now that I've been interviewing candidates for 15 years: Interviewing for a Math Ed Job in a Math Dept.

What This Is

Here is my attempt to record what I learned along the way during my job search last academic year (and also during my experiences on committees reading big piles of application files). In particular, I’m trying to note all the things that I learned but didn’t see in other articles. You will have to decide which things are applicable to you. For job listings and other (more standard) excellent advice, see the Math Education Job Search Resources I edit. 

Who I Am

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and went on to do an NSF postdoc in Math Education. I was aiming to do research and work in math education, but I finally decided to concentrate on looking for a job in a math department. I was successful! I am currently in the Math Department at San Francisco State University.

Why a math department as opposed to a school of education?

The Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae

The Recommendation Letters

Statements of Teaching Philosophy and Research Interests

The Phone Interview

The Joint Meetings

Campus Interviews

Other Thoughts

Other Links