475 Spring 10 Big Problems

What Are These?

You will write up six Big Problems over the course of the semester. Three are due by the midterm date. Another three are due by Tuesday May 18, 11:59pm 4:00pm. You may do choose your final three Big Problems from any of the Batches. I intend to post 3 Batches.


If you want to see the weekly homework, go to 475 Spring 10 Homework.

Third Batch of Big Problems


(May 2 2010) Added BP 9, 10.

Second Batch of Big Problems

(May 18 2010) Corrected a typo in 6.2: Geometric sequences of the form $$ A_n = kC^n $$ not $$ A_n=kC_n $$

(Apr 9 2010) Added BP 6,7,8.

First Batch of Big Problems

(March 17 2010: Updated with BP5.)