When breaking up a double play, always go in with a clean slide. - Baseball


Rangers catcher Pudge Rodriguez went out of his way to take out Cleveland shortstop Omar Vizquel in 1994; Vizquel suffered torn knee ligaments, spent seven weeks on the DL, and the Indians were fighting mad.  -- SeattlePost-Intelligencer

"The one that stands out to me," said Mariners veteran Ken Griffey Jr., "is going out of the way to take a guy out at second on a double play. That can come back to haunt someone on your team." -- Tom Singer



The Code also punishes certain players for infractions that would be fine for others. When the Cubs' Bill Buckner slid hard against Pirate second baseman Phil Garner, it caught Garner off guard because Buckner normally slid short. This made it a Code infraction, and the next time Buckner ran for second Garner fired the throw toward his head. Buckner raised his hand in defense, and the ball broke his finger.  -- Larry Getlen