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What This Is

This little web site is meant to collate all those "unwritten rules" that you are always hearing about.


Ideally, to qualify for inclusion, an unwritten rule must actually be documented to have been declared by a prominent competitor. In some sense that makes it a bit paradoxical that an unwritten rule is only legitimate if it's written about, but it's still "unwritten" in the sense that it's not written in an official rulebook. 


One further distinction - in sports there are some unwritten rules that are about etiquette ("don't admire your homers"), and some that are about effective play ("don't make the last out at third").  I'm mainly interested in the first kind, because they can't be deduced from the rules of the game. 

How To Contribute

Leave a comment on a page (see the link at the bottom), or email Eric Hsu at drerichsu@gmail.com.  If you want to curate a page yourself, let me know. 

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