Ride predictably in the Peloton. - Cycling


Riding in a peloton (GROUP) has certain unwritten rules and responsibilities for each rider. The most important are listed here: Point at and call out obstacles especially if you are at the front! This includes anything that might cause a rider to fall: potholes, loose gravel, road kill (no kidding!), pedestrians, cars even small animals who happen to be crossing the road!  Never overlap wheels. Always be aware of the rear wheel in front of you but look past it! Be careful to not become hypnotized by it. 


When at the front: Hold a steady and predictable line. Do not alter your speed. If you stand to pedal on a hill or for any length of time, shift down to keep the same speed and avoid backward surges. Communicate to the other riders behind you prior to any change of direction. Ride safely! You are responsible for others in front of, beside and behind you. A radical move can have consequences for you and others around you.  --  Echuca and Moama Cycling Club