Dont try to injure people. - Basketball


Anyway, for a world-class athlete with exceptional coordination, Bruce Bowen sure seems to have a lot of "accidents." They happen because of his style -- best described as "organized, physical chaos" -- and because he deliberately bends the rules for a competitive advantage.  Suddenly, Bowen was willing to bend the rules, trip guys as they landed after jump shots, bump them when they weren't looking and basically do anything to get into their heads, all while doing the whole "Wait, I'm in trouble??? What????" routine and pretending to be shocked anytime anyone threatened to kick his ass. Which happens every couple of months. There's no doubt in my mind -- absolutely none -- that at some point between Boston and San Antonio, Bruce Bowen decided to do whatever it took to remain in the NBA. Even if it meant becoming a dirty player.  -- Bill Simmons


While the NBA considers discipline for Boston's Kevin Garnett, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah called the Celtics star "a dirty player" for throwing an elbow against Miami. Garnett elbowed Heat forward Quentin Richardson in the face during a sideline skirmish late in the fourth quarter of Boston's win in Game 1. Garnett was called for two technicals and ejected. He faces a possible league suspension that could keep him out of Tuesday's Game 2.
On Sunday, Noah said Garnett deserves whatever punishment is coming. "He's a dirty player," Noah said after the Bulls practiced at Quicken Loans Arena in preparation for Monday's Game 2 against the Cavaliers. "He's always swinging elbows, man. I'm hurting right now because of an elbow he threw. It's unbelievable. He's a dirty player. It's one thing to be competitive and compete and all that. "But don't be a dirty player, man. He's a dirty player."
Garnett hit Richardson, who was walking over toward fallen Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who had gone down near Miami's bench. Garnett initially brushed Richardson with his left arm but TV replays showed him landing an elbow as players from both teams began pushing and shoving. Noah said Garnett intended to strike Richardson.
"He knows what he's doing," he said. "It's wrong. I shouldn't even be talking about this stuff. It's crazy." - AP