Dont swerve into others. - Cycling


In today’s stage of the Tour De France Mark Renshaw of the HTC-Columbia team was disqualified from the Tour for head butting Garmin-Transition’s Julian Dean multiple times during the sprint to the finish line.  Renshaw, who was attempting to clear room for teammate Mark Cavendish to win the race was immediately removed and has been kicked out of the Tour all together.   It is the first time in 8 years, not including doping violations, that a rider has been disqualified from the Tour de France. 


After the race, Julian Dean was more bothered by the fact that Renshaw didn’t ride in a straight line.  He didn’t seem to be bothered by the head butts, he just considered it part of the usual contact that occurs in tight sprints.    However top race official Jean-Francois Pescheux said after the race: “This is a bike race, not a gladiator’s arena.”   As for me, I was impressed that a cyclist can ride at nearly 35 miles per hour and head butt another cyclist without either one losing control.   -- bicyclespokesman.com