Dont bowl bouncers to tail-enders. - disputed - Cricket


Q: As a tailender yourself, did you have qualms about bowling a bouncer to a tailender?

Michael Holding: I got it, and I gave it. It's part of the game. If you can't take the fire, you shouldn't be trying to cook.  -- Cricinfo


Q: In the old days there was a gentlemen's agreement that bowlers would not use bouncers against tail-enders. Should you be able to bowl as many bouncers as you want at the lower order?


Brett Lee: As a bowler you have to realise that if you bowl a bouncer at someone you have to expect one or two in return from them or their team-mates. Sure I've bowled a lot of bouncers throughout my career but I have faced just as many. Bouncers are part of the game. When used properly they are a very effective tool in setting up batsmen for a wicket.  -- The Independent UK