Dont attack when nature calls. - Cycling


If the leader needs a bathroom break, the cyclists slow down, make room and quit racing until the leader is back. No one takes advantage of feeding time.  ...  "If someone has to pee? That is not the time to launch an attack. In the days when the race didn't go quite as quick, riders were allowed to go home and come back. Cycling is a pretty potent allegory for life. A well-lived, honorable victory is what you want. Anything else? That's not a good win."   -- LA Times

Every day, at a certain point during a stage of the Tour, many of the riders decide to stop to answer nature's call at the side of the road. No one will attack when its time for pause pipi. To do so would be unethical. So too an attack at a feeding station, when the field have slowed down to snatch bags of food from helpers at the roadside. Earlier this season, Team Sky raised hackles by attacking at a feed and later revenge was taken: when a Sky rider stopped for a leak, up went the pace. -- William Fotheringham


Controversey in stage 4 of the Tour Of Oman as Edvald Boasson Hagen loses his jersey in controversial circumstances. The Sky rider finished 1.05 off the pace as a group of 37 riders broke away from the main field inside the last 50km and held off the peloton in strong winds. However, it was revealed later that the split had happened as the race leader took a nature break, against the usual unwritten rules of the Pelaton. -- SkyProCyclingFans


Bingen & Nikane: Here is another rule...on our bathroom breaks....usually when you need to take a bathroom break, you ride up ahead of the pack and take your foot out of the pedal and pull off the side. When one is peeing the peloton usually slows down and other riders who need a pee break take it also. Sometimes a rider goes up to the front and acts like he is going to take a pee break, but instead his main intent is to slow the peloton down a bit. But this is frowned upon.


Question: A pee-tease!


Bingen & Nikane: Yes, a pee-tease! If you have to pee, you should pee and not do it for other reasons. If more riders keep taking advantage of these things we will never be able to slow down for bathroom breaks. We do pee on the bike as well. You have to.


Question: Nikane - do the women have the same rule?


Nikane: It is not that easy for us. Especially for us that have bib uniforms. I always envy T-Mobile with their seperates. Maybe they switched - bibs have their benefits as well as disadvantages. (Laughter)


Question: In some race this year, while driving the Schreoder feed vehicle, I saw the girls all hunkered down in the bushes on the roadside!


Nikane: That happens too. Usually if there is a crash--there is a pee break! (Laughter)    -- Daily Peloton