Do your share and play fair in the Peloton. -- Cycling


If you tire, ask a stronger rider for help to fill the gap while you are at the back. You can skip a rotation or two but abusing this privilege will be perceived as not working and could elicit some sprint breaking attacks! Another tactic is called resting in place. When it's your turn to pull, do so briefly and slide to the rear right away. This allows the pace line to maintain its speed and affords you an additional rotation to rest.  --  Echuca and Moama Cycling Club


That is just one of a complex network of bartering, informal alliances, and mutual help that goes on across the peloton. Teams with the same interest will share the work chasing a break, agreeing to use a certain number of riders each. They will buy in assistance with (sometimes) cash or (usually) favours if their riders are not strong enough, and woe betide the team that doesn't pay up. -- William Fotheringham