Always run onto the field if a fight breaks out. - Baseball


Indians manager Charlie Manuel once was suspended for two games for running onto the field from theclubhouse.Manuel had been ejected from the game but said he could not in good conscience stay in the clubhouse while his players were throwing haymakers.  -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer


The most important aspect of the Code is its penchant for loyalty. If a fight breaks out, every player must find themselves on the field in their team's defense, a rule so important that Yankee Luis Tiant once bounded out of the shower during a brawl wearing nothing but a towel.
The Code rule declaring that every ballplayer MUST join their teammates on the field if a brawl broke out has led to some ridiculous sights. Relievers from opposite teams would run out from the bullpen — chatting friendly right next to each other — then hit the field and start battling. And during a brawl with the Milwaukee Brewers, Yankee pitcher Luis Tiant joined his teammates straight from the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist and a cigar in his teeth.  -- Larry Getlen