PMENA Working Group

PMENA Working Group

This area contains information about the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education-North America’s (PME-NA) Working Group on Teaching Assistant Preparation and Development Research. This group exists to serve the needs and interests of people who conduct educational research of all types on issues related to TAs. The Working Group meets at the annual PME-NA conference each fall.

The working group will meet at PME-NA XXVIII November 9-12, 2006 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

The basic format of the meeting will be to work on and discuss current research projects:

A paper will appear in the conference proceedings that describes some background of the group and this area of research and also provides summaries of the projects that participants will share during the working group sessions. You can download a copy of the proceedings paper here.

If you are interested in presenting some of your work at the conference, there are still slots available. Contact Natasha Speer (nmspeer@msu.edu) for more information.

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