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Who are the Students in PDP

Any student who wishes to join a PDP section can do so (subject to space). Some learn by word-of-mouth, others are actively recruited. PDP sends letters to promising accepted students in underrepresented groups to encourage them to apply to a PDP section if they decide to come to Cal. Over the summer, PDP runs a number of orientations for prospective students in coordination with other programs in the Coalition for Diversity in the Sciences and Engineering (Chemistry Scholars, Biology Scholars, Minority Engineering Project).


Here is the text of the recruitment letter. (Sorry, statistics only on hard copy.)

Recruitment Letter Text

On behalf of the Special Scholarship Committee of the Berkeley faculty, I would like to extend to you one more in what is surely a long list of congratulations on your admission to UC Berkeley. Such admission means that you are among the strongest high school graduates in the United States.


As you may already know, the Berkeley faculty sponsors an intensive honors program, the Professional Development Program (PDP) for students who are considering careers in mathematics-based fields (those requiring completion of a freshman calculus sequence) such as engineering, medicine, physical and biological science, business administration and economics. This program has been designed for students seeking to excel in their undergraduate course work in preparation for advanced graduate work and the assumption of leadership roles in any of the above professional fields.


We have carefully reviewed your high school record and the letters written to the University on your behalf. Based on this review, we are happy to extend to you an invitation to apply to this prestigious program.


As a participant in the program, you will get to know and work regularly with some of the strongest students on the Berkeley campus. You will have access to special intensive sections in calculus and chemistry designed to enable students to not only form close and lasting friendships, but to support each other’s efforts to remain at the top of the class as well. If you are interested in participating in PDP, it is important that you NOT attend a CALSO orientation until after our program orientation. We will assist you with your class scheduling or the Fall Semester so that you will be ready to Tele-Bear at the CALSO orientation.


A Program Orientation has been set for Wednesday, June 8th from 6 P.M. TO 10 P.M. in Room 120A Bechtel Engineering Building on the UC Berkeley Campus. At this time you will have an opportunity to meet with current program scholars and to talk at length with program staff. We will also administer the Math Department’s Placement Exam. If you have already taken this test, please bring your score with you. Someone from our office will contact you by phone within the next two weeks to confirm your attendance.


If you have any questions, please call me at (510) 642-7659. Best wishes for success in the coming year and I am looking forward to meeting you on June 8th.




Lana Fukasawa


(PDP TA Reference Handbook, 8-23-96)