Math 226.06 and 226.08 F08

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Basic Information

Web Site, Textbook and Attendance

There are three main teaching threads.

Homework and the Weekly Routine

This may seem confusing, but basically, always log into your http://coursecompass.com account. You weekly tasks will be spelled out, complete with links, at the class site in the announcements. Try to log in every couple of days just in case there are any last minute announcements.

Assignments are due by Tuesday. For full credit, complete the previous week’s online HW before Tuesday class time. Turn in any written HW at the start of Tuesday class. Sometime on Tuesday, check the class web site for this week’s online and written HW. Late homework will be accepted, but only for 50% credit.

You are allowed and encouraged to work on the homework in groups, but you must write up (or type in) the solutions yourself and in your own words or it will be considered cheating. This includes the computer homework problems. It would be fine to try the computer problems separately, then meet to discuss the harder ones, then separately complete the online assignment.

Earning Points and Grades

There are a number of ways to earn points in the course: Big Quiz (50 pts), Midterm (150 pts), Comprehensive Final Exam (250 pts), Class Group Work (100 pts), Homework (300 pts), Quizzes (150 pts), and occasional extra credit goodies.

There is no curve, so the grades of your fellow students cannot affect your grade. You’ll all be better off helping each other. My intention is to give points of 900+ some kind of A, 800+ some kind of B, 700+ some kind of C, 600+ some kind of D.

Dates and Accommodations

Official Learning Objectives

Successful students will

Furthermore, successful students will