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This FAQ

Who wrote this FAQ?

The questions are all ACTUAL questions asked by GTAs over the years. The answers came from Eric Hsu (EH), Judy Kysh (JK) and David Meredith (DM), with help from other GTAs who are credited along the way. Karen Kingsbury is the SFSU Orientation and Retention Director. Unmarked answers were probably written by Eric Hsu or the Spring ‘08 Teaching Circle.

I still have questions. Where else can I look?

1. Ask your fellow GTAs or ex-GTAs.

2. Ask Eric Hsu, Judy Kysh, or the Chair, David Bao.

In any of these cases, you should e-mail Eric Hsu <[[mailto:erichsu@math.sfsu.edu | erichsu@math.sfsu.edu]]> so he can add your question to this document.