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Our Students

What is EO 665?

It is the name of the CSU systemwide executive order which says entering students need to either test out of the requirement by achieving a high score on ELM, or pass algebra through Math 70 in their first calendar year at SFSU (including summer semester) or they will have to complete the requirement at a community college and transfer back in.

If students test into Math 70, can they delay taking it until Spring semester?

No. EO 665 states that if you need to remediate, you must begin in fall, or first semester. - Karen Kingsbury

Who are these students?

They’ve all seen algebra before, probably multiple times. Many of them will resent being placed in your class and think they don’t need you. Some of them are returning to school after time away, and they will be learning the hard way what they need to do to succeed in college. Certainly, if your class is all lecture format, many will find it boring and probably confusing, no matter how engaging you are. The students have all seen the material before, multiple times. It is hard to sit still and quiet for an hour or hour and a half. It is important to mix the class format up, with some kind of active thinking from them. This could mean group activities, student presentations, even trips outside.

What student prerequisites do I have to check?

The students have either tested in via ELM, or (for Math 70) they have gotten a C or better in a prerequisite class (59 or 60). This means a C- is NOT good enough to take Math 70. That grade is meant to indicate a passing effort but not enough mastery to go into 70. Don’t make exceptions… you are only hurting the student.

How can I can I verify if my students meet the pre-requisite?

Go to www.sfsu.edu/online/faclogin.htm and select the correct class, then select japet/elm/ept/library option then in the discipline/number field enter all previous courses (i.e. math59, math60, math70). Request class list, then the list of your students with all their grades should appear.

What are the ELM cutoffs?

28 and below is placed in math59. 30 to 40 placed in math60. 42 to 48 placed in math70. And 50 or higher do not need these remedial courses.

See Official Score Cutoffs for more details. -EH

How do I access my student email addresses?

Go to Faculty Login and select the correct class, then select view roster with “sfsu email addresses”.

How many students typically pass the course?

We hope all of them! That would be wonderful. Historically, about 75-80% of the students pass Math 59, 60, 70. Almost everyone who fails is someone who skips class and doesn’t do homework. Those are the students you’ll need to put some effort into coming to class. -EH

What are the First Year Experience sections?

From the 2006-2007 Bulletin: First Year Experience (FYE) courses are designed for San Francisco State students entering college for the first time. Students who would like substantial assistance in preparing for their university career, especially those who are undecided about their major, should sign up for the three-unit All University First Year Experience course, AU 101.