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How does this Web Grading thing work?

I’ve posted instructions for using the web grade system. Everyone, first-time user and experienced user, should log on now to see that the system will allow you to enter grades for all your classes. Don’t wait for the last day and find that the system doesn’t work for you. If you encounter a problem, please come to the office right away. -DM

C-, D, F and NC. I'm a little confused with the Math 59-70 grading. When I was assigning grades on the web I noticed that I could only assign grades 'A' to 'C-'.

That leaves the C- as a confusing grade. A student with a C- in Math 59 or 60 cannot take Math 70, but must take or re-take Math 60. Do not give C- grades in Math 59 or 60.

However, for Math 70 a C- means the student has fulfilled the remedial algebra requirement but is not prepared for Math 109 or Business Calculus, and so forth. If they do want to take a higher math class they will still need to retake Math 70 and do better than a C-.

What is a W?

What is an INC?

An INC is an Incomplete, meaning the student has a year to complete the requirements of the class. This is a very rare grade in 59/60/70 since students are usually trying to beat the clock. To give an INC, you need to fill out a form describing the student’s grade if they don’t complete the work, and an explicit set of tasks (usually something like the final and maybe a couple of homework assignments) the student needs to do to complete the course. In my experience, these mostly turn into Fs. It’s better to avoid these if you can. -EH

Really avoid giving any non-standard grade at the time of the final grade due date. Many GTA’s have had issues in the past.

Does the grade in 59/60/70 count in a student's GPA?

The course will show up on the student’s transcript but will not be included in the GPA calculation or in the units earned toward graduation. However, note that we can’t stop some other schools that recalculate a student’s GPA by their own formula. SFSU’s GPA formula is explicit and straightforward. -EH

One of my students never comes to class. However, she turned in a midterm and did fantastically. Can a student like this pass?

If class participation and quizzes are part of your formula, then you should assess this student in your normal way. It is very very rare for a student to be able to score well on the final without attending class. In fact, if a student comes only for tests, we suggest you start asking for ID the next time you see an unfamiliar face in the exam room. It has happened that people hire ‘ringers’ to take tests on their behalf.

On the other hand, if a student does manage to ace ALL the exams and do little homework, I would be inclined to pass them with the lowest score (C in 59/60, C- in 70). They probably tested into your class by a weird fluke and knew the material. -EH

One of my students did almost no homework all year. He aced my three chapter tests, but then he bombed my final. He is mad and claiming that he really knew the material. He is complaining to the chair and everyone else.

Don’t worry, we’ll all back you up. You surely have documentary evidence of their lack of class participation and homework as well as the bad final (right?). If a student had worked hard all year and done well up until a bad final, I might give the student the benefit of the doubt (if their aggregate grade was passing).

One of my Math 60 students worked SO hard. But his grade is not quite high enough to pass. I know he doesn't know the material, but he did work so hard, and I feel so bad for him. Should I have some faith and pass him?

I feel your pain. But if you pass your student up to Math 70 out of pity, he will fail Math 70 and probably won’t have a chance to pass it on a second try in the summer since his Math 60 is so weak. If you have them take 60 again next semester, he’ll have a shot at finally getting it and then having a real shot at passing Math 70. Pass the students who know the material; otherwise, you are setting them up for worse failure in the next class. -EH