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Getting Hired, Getting Paid

What are the minimum requirements to be able to be a GTA?

How do I get started?

Speak with the Department Chair. The math office can give you more information and it is likely you will be interviewed for the position.

Can I request a specific class and schedule?

Recommendations will be considered by the chair. Be specific in regards to your preferred time and course.

I want to swap my assigned class with someone else.

Trading classes is not exactly the same as trading sections of the same class. The math department chair needs to be involved. Please copy him on your offers to trade, and he will decide how to make a swap. -DM

Where do I get my paycheck?

You will have to pick them up at the desk and sign a sheet saying you got it. Typically the checks are available on the last day of the month after 4pm, although it is best to check the calendar you receive in the packet. Direct deposit is not available.

If you want a friend to pick up a check, send a signed note with the person stating their name. They will sign for the check and we will retain the note. If it’s someone we don’t know, we’ll ask for ID.