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700 and GTA Meetings

What is Math 700?

This teaching workshop is required for all GTAs who have not taken it before (unless they have taken the 890 REAL course). The goal of this workshop is for graduate student instructors to develop and refine their teaching. Teaching is not only presentation, but it is also course planning, classroom decision making and post-instruction reflection. We will work on these skills in the context of the classes we are teaching. A secondary goal is for us to contribute to an archive of our experiences in the classroom for ourselves and future teachers.

What is the GTA Orientation and is it optional?

NO, it isn’t optional. You need to attend, and you need to bring a draft of your course syllabus.

Are the monthly GTA meetings required?

Yes, they are part of your official job. If you have to miss one, let Judy or Eric know as soon as you know there is an issue. -EH