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Predecessor software to BFC3. Here is the original information page, with a live link to the last public software package.

KwikiEH 1.2

This update has a number of neat features.

Installation Instructions

 mkdir subdirectory 
 cd subdirectory && tar zxvf KwikiEH-1.1.tgz 
 sh install.sh 


The database runs even faster when you enable Storable and DB_File. If you can’t get those installed on your machine, comment those relevant lines out at the start of the subroutine initialize_databases() in local/initDatabaseEH.pm, and it will try to fall back to SDBM and Data::Dumper. Adding Storable helps the most. If you don’t use DB_File, it falls back to SDBM which has glitches, compared to DB_File; the kwiki will work but the search may be flaky.


If you already have an older kwiki, you can import it as follows:

Good luck! This software comes with no support or guarantees. Like Kwiki, this software is released under the Perl Artistic License. But if you have polite requests or bug information, let me know at owl@betterfilecabinet.com.